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Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory, allergic and / or autoimmune skin. Characterized by dry, itchy skin. The skin can become inflamed and create blisters. Scratching the blisters. The skin can be opened worsen the injury.
The areas usually affected are: folds arms and legs, cheeks, hands.

Phases of atopic dermatitis:

Acute stage (outbreak):
Dry skin.
Blisters and wounds (scratching).
Skin inflammation (redness).
Areas affected:
Children: Back of knees and elbows, wrists, face and neck folds.

Adults:Hands (Mostly)

Latent phase:
Dry skin (goose-pimples)


Localized outbreaks:

Apply 4 to 7 times a day a small amount of cream Nutritiva Àloe Plus 1842 in the area sprouting.

Hydrate the body with MOISTURIZING BODY MILK 1842 (morning and night).

Latent phase:
When the outbreak has passed recommend keeping skin hydrated in all the body with MOISTURIZING BODY MILK 1842, and hands and feet if necessary with HAND CREAM 1842.

Our creams are made:
Vegetable oils rich in omega 3.
Vitamin A and E

Our creams do not carry:
Petroleum oils

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