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Inflammation of the sebaceous gland due to:
Hypersecretion by hormonal stimulation.
Tissue injury to manipulate the grains.
Bacterial colonization.

Hormonal changes stimulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands.
  Excessive use of detergents, to remove the excess fat layer, activates the secretion of the gland.
  The over-productive gland initiates a process of inflammation, which can inflame the output channel,   difficult emptying of fat produced, causing further inflammation.
  We have an initial grain.

If you manipulate a grain to empty it, which should not be done, it acts like a balloon,   if the tightening pressure will try out the weakest.
  If the drainage channel is not inflamed dump there.
  But if inflammation prevents drainage canal, the pressure can break the gland beneath the skin, injuring tissue and pouring the contents in an inappropriate place, increasing flexion strain and inflammation, while facilitating and scatters the process infection.  
We have a grain inflamed.

If the grain is colonized by bacteria,it is an infection occur, which increase inflammation.
  We have a grain infected and inflamed.

To prevent scars. Do not handle the grains, because you can cause injury and facilitate infection of grains.

We recommend:


Apply morning and night to clean the skin with a cotton soaked drag the skin to remove makeup,   contamination accumulated during the day and excess fat.
No detergent or soap, or alcohol.


Apply morning and night after cleansing the skin.
  Hydrates skin prone acneica and excess fat.
Seborregulador Effect: reduces the overproduction of fat, but without drying or bounce the sebaceous gland.
Normalizing the bacterial flora: the presence of extracts of flowers of the forest and help normalize controlling bacterial flora that causes acne.
Non-greasy feel and no occlusive.
No antibiotics or steroids.

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